Website Design begins with a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your website and access your design quote. To begin this process sign up for your free consultation here.

Package includes a 6-page website. These 6 pages can be anything you want (includes menus, staff bios, contact info, links to your products, or anything else).

$20 charge for each additional page.

A 5-page website design. These pages include your resumé, demo reel, pictures, Instagram feed, bio, contact info or whatever else you want.

$20 charge for each additional page.

**Kiaku Creations offers up to 6 free site updates within the first 3 months of your website being designed and published to the internet.**

If you are in need of any updates for your website after the first 3 months, contact Kiaku Creations and we will update your website for $20 per page. Updates will take at most 48 hours (in most cases).

All websites are made on the Wix platform and require a free hosting account with Wix. If you want to have a branded or personalized domain name, detailed instructions will be sent to you on how to set up your premium hosting account with Wix for starting as low as $11 per month (this is Wix's housing fee). Your domain can also be purchased separately from the Wix platform and connected to your website.


*Kiaku Creations can purchase the premium Wix account and obtain your personalized domain for your website at no additional cost to you. A credit card authorization form will be required for this transaction.



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